Budapest Táncszínház – Kseij Dance Company – Io e’

2017. május 26-án 20:00 órakor a genovai Kseij Company – Io e’ című előadásának ad otthont a Budapest Táncszínház DEPO Stúdió színházban (Budapest IX., Koppány u. 15.).

Jegyek a helyszínen válthatók. (Bp. IX., Koppány utca 15.)

Jegyár: 1.000,- HUF
Info: + 36 1 283 4892

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Kseijh Company. Io E © Eros Zanini –  Fotó forrása: Budapest Táncszínház


The performance IO E’ created by Alekseij Canepa, has the purpose to represent through 3 acts as human beings with the advent of technology began to relate less between them, becoming increasingly automatons, almost remote controlled by others.
The division of the performance in three acts is wanted by the choreographer to show three different scenes.

The first, entitled NOW, tells everyday life, how a human being is related to various events in a day. The dancers, with fluid movements, show us the interactions and the reactions that we usually have.

The second act, LAB, is the introduction of the laboratory in which we notice the transformation of man in automaton.

The final act, VITALISTIC MECHANISM, is inspired by the cultural current of Futurism. In fact,
the dance represented becomes more mechanical, dynamic and antigraceful.

The intent is to imitate the gestures of the machines, becoming a metalistic dance.
In this act we have the full realization of man into an automaton, and how these automatons deceive other humans, causing to become like them.

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